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~Deshar Shem~

"You seek power and wealth as much as any other but your true desire can only be found in combat.  The lust for battle flows red-hot through your veins.  You revel in the dance of death, feeding off the screams of your enemies and drinking the blood of the fallen.
We understand your suffering.  We know all too well the hunger caged inside, begging to be set free.
Come with us friend, and reap the blood from the fields of war!"

- Verianna the Demon Mistress


We are also a casual roleplaying guild.  Our members enjoy writing character stories on forums, creating in-game adventures and adding personality to the avatars they play.  For experienced roleplayers or just those looking to get their feet wet, we offer the opportunity get as involved as you want to be.  Get to know other roleplayers in the Wiccana community through our network of contacts and hosted events.

Guild News

Dark Secrets Revealed!

verianna77, Aug 20, 10 2:19 PM.
The new Member Profiles site has been added via link in the Information section on the Home page.  This new site allows players to read a character's backstory and see general information all in an easy to use format.  If you would like to add a backstory to your character, mail it to Verianna and I'll get it posted.

We are Going Guildportal

mgiosia, Aug 3, 10 2:09 PM.
Welcome new and old, Deshar Shem is now working with Guild portal so that we can strengthen ties with our allies.
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